If you’ve finally decided that enough is enough, then you should be incredibly proud of yourself! It’s not easy to decide to give up addiction. In fact, it’s one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. You’ll have to overcome plenty of obstacles, most of which are self-introduced. Self-imposed obstacles are the most challenging to get past but with help, there is hope. At The Edge Recovery, we’re well aware that cravings and withdrawal symptoms can be detouring for anybody, which is why we offer medically assisted alcohol treatment in Coral Springs. While there are differences of opinions on whether or not MAT is a good option, we take our information from the studies, trials, and statistics. Studies show that those who need and use medically assisted treatment as an option to heal have a better chance at escaping future overdose-related fatalities. Keep reading to learn more!

Edge Recovery Offers Medically Assisted Alcohol Treatment in Coral Springs 

At The Edge Recovery, we’re proud to offer medically assisted alcohol treatment in Coral Springs. However, it’s not the only method we work with. We believe that when people come into our rehab center, they deserve to be healed fully. This means that we don’t focus on just one aspect of addiction, but rather, we tend to it all. Substance abuse is challenging for family members, it’s hard on the body, takes a toll on the mind, and chips away at our emotional strength. That’s why we offer a variety of programs that work harmoniously with medically assisted treatment.

One of our most powerful programs is our family program. Addiction doesn’t swallow only the addict, but it also takes over a family. This can separate ties, cause stress, and break people apart. However, with a family program, loved ones have an opportunity to come together and heal. Because families are often a recovering addicts biggest support group, it’s crucial that the ties be reunited.

In addition to family programs, we also provide faith-based programs. Spirituality of some sort is proven to make the sobriety journey easier and more successful. In fact, studies show that those who use spirituality have lower overdose and relapse rate. The reason is that patients feel they have someone looking out for them and someone holding them accountable at all times. It aids in the remembrance of perspective. If you’re looking for a location specializing in medically assisted alcohol treatment in Coral Springs, the experts at Edge Recovery have what you’re looking for. We’re professionals in our field offering genuine client care, compassionate services, and excellent programs. Don’t waste another minute letting addiction rule your life. Instead, create your own path forward and make sure it is full of positivity, purpose, and passion. Contact us today with any questions at 833-888-EDGE. We’re excited to hear from you!

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