Where to Find Faith-Based Alcohol Treatment in Coral Springs

Faith-based treatment in Coral Springs isn’t for everyone, but for those are open to it, the experience is life-changing. There are numerous reasons why faith-based programs have a higher success rate than other programs. Not all treatment centers focus on faith-based treatment, but at Edge Recovery, we believe that faith plays a large part in total healing from addiction. Why are faith-based programs so impactful, and what makes our facility different? There are numerous benefits.

Benefits of Faith-Based Alcohol Treatment in Coral Springs 

One of the most beneficial aspects of such a program is feeling like one is less alone. Addiction is often very difficult to overcome alone, but when a person believes in something larger than themselves, they feel they are accompanied and guided. They also feel as though they have someone to turn to when times get tough. Another positive about faith-based programs is that people are less likely to relapse because there is a sense that someone is watching over their actions. Being responsible for one’s actions can drastically change the outcome of choices.

Last, but certainly not least, faith-based programs encourage not only a positive change with addiction, but also a positive change within one’s self. It brings newfound happiness for those who have felt lost. It brings a broader outlook on life, which can remove people from a victimization dialogue within. It lessens selfish behavior, promotes more love, and offers forgiveness for past choices.

At The Edge Recovery, our Faith-Based Program is led by an ordained minister who not only understands faith, but also understands addiction and recovery. With a unique combination, the minister is able to offer guidance, while simultaneously introducing traditional support. Through individual and group therapies, our clients are able to learn more about faith. They are also able to introduce spirituality into the day-to-day, which over time, can significantly impact a person’s life for the better.

If you’re ready to see how faith can transform your life, seek out faith-based alcohol treatment in Coral Springs today. At The Edge Recovery, we offer numerous programs. Each of our patients have a program that is uniquely tailored to them, because we believe that every person is different. There is no, “one-size-fits-all” in addiction. Our 12-Step, clinically proven treatment option can be beneficial for individuals and families! We focus on healing the whole addict – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Make the call today to Edge Recovery at 833-888-EDGE. Addiction is a part of your past, but don’t let it be a part of your future. You decide, today, whether or not addiction is a story you want to finish. You don’t have to do it alone. Edge Recovery is here to assist. Start your journey today!

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