What Drugs are used in MAT Treatment in South Florida?

Heroin, morphine, and prescription pain medications are a few different drugs that have caused addictions and deaths in our country. The ongoing opioid epidemic is very scary, and something we need to take serious. If you’re struggling with an opioid addiction it’s never too late to seek treatment. Whether you’ve been battling addiction for days, months, or years Edge Recovery is here to help. We support those who are in medication assisted treatment and using buprenorphine. Medication assisted treatment in South Florida has become increasingly popular because of the success it’s had. If you’re using buprenorphine as part of your medication assisted treatment program in South Florida, Edge Recovery wants to provide you with the additional therapy you need to fully achieve sobriety.

When someone is struggling with an opioid addiction the withdrawal symptoms can be extremely serious. That’s where medication assisted treatment helps. To help avoid serious withdrawal symptoms the addict can be prescribed medication such as buprenorphine to help feel less withdrawal symptoms. This medication also helps reduce cravings and urges to use opioids. These two positive uses is what makes buprenorphine so effective when treating an opioid addiction.

When prescribed by a licensed doctor, naltrexone is often also prescribed along with buprenorphine. This helps to prevent the abuse of buprenorphine. The way naltrexone helps prevent the abuse of buprenorphine is naltrexone can induce withdrawal symptoms if buprenorphine is injected or used with another opioid. Combining these two medications has proven to be very effective during a medication assisted treatment program.

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Edge Recovery is committed to helping those who are struggling with opioid addiction. For individuals who qualify for and are part of a medication assisted treatment program Edge Recovery can provide the additional support and treatment you need to fully get sober. While using medication assisted treatment you can combine the things you’ll learn and discover at Edge Recovery to further your sobriety and work towards maintaining your sobriety. Get started today on beginning your road to sobriety with a call to Edge Recovery.

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