What Can I Expect from a Continuing Care Program?

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed your addiction recovery program in Coral Springs and are ready to integrate back into society. It all sounds so scary now that you’re out on your own as a sober individual. After all, the same temptations that caused you to become an addict are out there, it’s just that you’ll handle them differently on your own this time around. Easier said than done. The idea is to get to a place where you won’t even notice the temptations and they’ll have no effect on you at all. But what if you can’t make it alone and still need support from an addiction recovery center in Coral Springs? It’s a fair question and one that a good addiction recovery center can easily address. At Edge Recovery, our goal is to put your mind at ease. We won’t throw you to the lions and abandon you. If you’ve spent a good part of your life as a drug addict or alcoholic, we understand that assimilating back into society might not be that easy a process for you. At Edge Recovery, we know that reentering life as you once knew it and becoming a productive member of society again is going to be a process and may take some time.

Allow yourself this time. So many temptations abound and at every turn a new trigger is ready to grab you and pull you under again. Well, not on our watch. If you’ve recently graduated from our rehab program, then you’ll still need the continuing support that our addiction recovery center in Coral Springs offers. To that end, we have a program that will hold you accountable if you do not take advantage of it. So again, it’s all up to you. What seems like hard work will pay off in the end when someday your addiction seems so far removed from your reality that it almost feels like it happened to someone else. At Edge Recovery, we offer outpatient counseling sessions that meet once per-week- or twice-per week depending upon your availability. In these group meetings, everyone is a recovering addict—you all come together in a safe space to open up, share your experiences and talk about real life situations and stressful situations that threaten to push you over the edge again. Leave it to your peers to reel you back in! At Edge Recovery, we believe that this group dynamic process is an important part of your recovery and will help you in your quest for a longterm recovery. 

How can I reclaim my sober lifestyle again? 

Continue your journey towards sober living today with a call to Edge Recovery.  The right addiction recovery program in Coral Springs can help you not only get sober, but help you learn how to stay sober and build a more positive productive life. Overcoming a drug and alcohol addiction is never easy but with the right care and after treatment it is possible. Don’t wait to get the help you need. Call the Edge Recovery confidentially today at (833) 888-EDGE to learn more about our proven successful programs and how we can help you before and after your recovery.   

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