Understanding the Traditional 12-Step Program for Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs

If you’re researching addiction treatment in Coral Springs, chances are you’re finding a plethora of facilities offering 12-Step programs. What are 12-Step programs? What do they entail? Why do some rehab centers say that they offer incredible results? First, let’s get a better understanding of what the original 12-Step program was and is today. The 12-Step program was initially created by Alcoholics Anonymous. The program offered a simple 12 steps for patients to follow. By making a serious effort to adhere to these steps, patients were beginning their recovery journeys. Now, facilities around the world have adopted a form of this program. Let’s take a look at what those 12 steps are.

What are the 12 Steps in Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs? 

  • Alcohol creates a stressful life
  • A higher power offers a way out
  • God forgives and gives strength to conquer addiction
  • By diving into our thoughts and behaviors, we can change the way we live
  • Admit to ourselves, family, friends, and God that we have a problem
  • Accept the damage we’ve done and be open to moving forward
  • Pray to God for forgiveness
  • Make amends with those we’ve hurt
  • Make lifestyle changes to fit the life we’re trying to live
  • Start the process of surrendering, letting go, and meditating
  • Admit to our personal shortcomings
  • Spiritual awaking

Edge Recovery in Coral Springs Florida Can Help

At The Edge Recovery, our mission is to enhance the spiritual, emotional, and physical health of the individual who suffers from chemical dependency, whether it’s alcohol or drugs. We strive to be unique in our guidance for each individual, including the family, and throughout the length of the recovery process. We’ve found that our strong, 12-Step driven, clinically sound treatment option is an impeccable fit for most people. The program offers evidence-based treatment with approaches provided by certified addiction experts and experienced family therapists. Some of our alternative programs include drug addiction programs, faith-based treatment programs, Edge Recovery Family Program, health and wellness, as well as continuing care.

Many of our clients that moved on from rehab find our continuing care package very helpful. We check in with our clients, as opposed to leaving them on their own after their time with our team. We know how scary it can be to venture back out into the real world, which is why we strive to be a friend for years to come. Don’t let just anyone be your recovery center when you’re beginning your pathway to sobriety. At The Edge Recovery, we’re a compassionate and caring team with plenty of experience, professionalism, and medical expertise. When you call Edge Recovery, you’re calling a facility that feels like family.  Whether the 12-Step program is for you or not, we guarantee we can find a method of healing that makes you excited about moving forward. Call us today to schedule an appointment at 833-888-EDGE. Your brighter future is right around the corner.

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