Understanding the Physical Damage from Alcohol: Alcohol Treatment in Coral Springs

Alcohol is incredibly damaging to the human body, yet it is widely accepted all across the globe. From binge drinking in college to cultural parties, drinking is simply part of our society. We are fed ads for days, and plenty of peer pressure from our friends and even family members. Where one drink every once in a while is okay, the reality is that alcohol is easy to become addicted to and severely hard on the body. In this article, we’ll take a look at just how bad alcohol can be and why it leads to so many individuals looking for alcohol treatment in Coral Springs.  

Short and Long-Term Effects of Alcohol: Alcohol Treatment Coral Springs  

First, if you’re looking for alcohol treatment, it’s essential that you know you’re not alone. According to the 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 14 million Americans over the age of 12 have an alcoholic addiction of some sort. That’s a plethora of people and it’s sad that most of them are not getting the help they need. The fact that you are here and reading this means that you’re thinking about the consequences of your actions. That’s the first step and you deserve to acknowledge your pursuit for a better life!  

The short-term effects of alcoholism are not as bad as the long-term effects, but they are still shocking. Those who drink a lot of alcohol tend to have a harder time focusing, less coordination, mood swings, higher blood pressure, dulled perceptions, poor judgement, and a reduced body temperature. The long-term effects become less mental and more apparent in the physical body. While the loss of attention is still common, it is even more challenging to learn something new. This makes college students a concerning group of addicts, simply because they are so young and their years to absorb knowledge are being thrown away. Liver fibrosis, steatosis, high blood pressure, strokes, odd heart beats, and multiple types of cancers are only half of what alcohol can do to the body. The liver, heart, and stomach suffer the most.  

Other areas that suffer from alcohol include the digestive system, as alcohol can produce ulcers. Additionally, alcohol fools a person into thinking that they are full. This means that people drinking a lot of alcohol tend not to eat the way they should. Their nutrients are compromised, and the overall nourishment of the body dwindles. Some individuals with severe addictions even see malnutrition as a side-effect! The nervous system, heart, pancreas, and bones all ache with every sip. If you’re starting to feel these side effects, perhaps it’s time to make a change.  

If you’re ready to seek out alcohol treatment in Coral Springs, contact Edge Recovery today at 833-888-EDGE. We can’t wait to help you become the person you were born to be. Our 12-step clinically proven treatment program has been highly successful. Additionally, we offer family programs, health and wellness programs, and faith-based programs. Your best years are ahead of you, but first, we must work to heal the mind, body, and spirit simultaneously. Contact our team and see how we can get you back on your feet! 

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