Understanding the 12 Steps of Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs

Many facilities offer a 12-step program, but what exactly does that mean? When searching for addiction treatment in Coral Springs, you may notice that this type of program comes up a lot. In 1939, Alcoholics Anonymous created a simple, 12-step program to help addicts find long-term peace and sobriety. These 12 steps are now implemented in counseling sessions across the country, and the same goes for treatment centers, AA meetings, and more. Here is a quick guide to what each step entails. 

The 101 on AA’s 12-Step Program from Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs  

  1. Admit Powerlessness – You admit that substances have taken over your life.  
  2. Find Hope – You believe that there is something vaster and grander than you. 
  3. Surrender – You actively decide to let go and let your higher power take control.  
  4. Take Inventory – You note how you see yourself and your situation.   
  5. Share Inventory – You admit to your higher power, to others, and to yourself of what you’ve found while searching within. 
  6. Become Ready – You are ready to transform into the person you were always meant to be, by ridding yourself of your old ways.  
  7. Ask God – You ask for assistance from your higher power to transform.   
  8. List Amends – You list those you have wronged or hurt. 
  9. Make Amends – You make amends to those who you have hurt unless it pains them to hear from you.    
  10. Continue Inventory  – You continue to actively self-assess and recognize when you are wrong.  
  11. Pray and Meditate – You pray to your higher power to stay clean and conscious. 
  12. Help Others – You take the lessons you learn and use them for good in the world.  

As you can see, these 12-steps can be extremely beneficial to addicts, especially those just starting out. At Edge Recovery, we provide a strong 12-step clinically sound treatment option that can assist you and your family. At Edge Recovery, we feel that one of the most essential elements of recovery is a consistent support system. With these 12-steps, you can listen to the stories of others, while diving deeper into your own internal self. Then, your family can also join our family program. A supportive family is key to a lifetime of sobriety. If you feel that your family dynamics have dwindled as a response to addiction, don’t let it get any worse. Instead, call for addiction treatment in Coral Springs at 954-272-4073 today, and start your journey towards true happiness, peace, and tranquility. 

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