The Importance of Family in Addiction Recovery in Coral Springs

Family is more important than most people think. Of course, we’re raised to love our parents and our siblings, but what about when the going gets tough? Addiction is part of the lives of millions of Americans, and it’s no secret that addiction can push away those we love. That’s why so many recovery centers offer a family program targeted towards helping those who are lost to find their way back home. Additionally, family programs help loved ones to understand the process of the addict and how to become better supporters. If you’re wondering what the importance is of family in addiction recovery in Coral Springs, Edge Recovery can help.

How Family Can Aid in Healing Addiction in Coral Springs 

First, it’s important to understand what a dysfunctional relationship looks like between family members. The addict in the home could be any member of the family. Perhaps the addict is even a grandparent. No matter the individual battling substance abuse, the dynamics and the approaches to healing are similar. The signs to a dysfunctional relationship include secrecy, fear, conflict, emotional turmoil, and aggression. According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, over seven million kids under the age of 18 live in a home where at least one of their parents is a victim of addiction. With statistics like that, it’s crucial that we pay attention to the idea that we can face a family situation and seek help and repair family bonds.

Family programs aid addicts and loved ones in numerous ways. First, the programs help to target dysfunctional issues. There is often subconscious patterning of both the family and the addict. Everyone must be willing to change in the process, as the addicted individual is going to have to start being more vulnerable and the family will have to do their best to understand. When families are present in the road to recovery, studies show that drop-out rates are significantly lower, and the chances of a relapse are lessened.

Support is one of the most important elements when climbing the hill to sobriety. Nobody wants to do it alone, and fortunately, with family programs and professional help, nobody has to. At The Edge Recovery, we’ve worked to build a unique form of addiction recovery in Coral Springs. We don’t believe that any one treatment is perfect for everyone. That’s why we find a healing path based on the individual and their story. If your family dynamics aren’t in the best condition, allow our team to help you repair, rebuild, and move forward. Family is so important. Why lose them if you don’t have to? Call us today at 954-272-4073.

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