The Correlation Between College and Alcohol Treatment in Coral Springs 

One of the largest age group of drinkers are those in college. While this can be a harmless activity on the weekends, there are times where it gets out of hand, leading to the need for alcohol treatment in Coral Springs. College in America is primarily painted as a binge-drinking atmosphere. Why is that? In this article, we’ll dive into the facts surrounding college and alcohol, and eventually, alcohol rehabilitation. 

Why are College Students Needing Alcohol Treatment in Coral Springs  

How do college students become so dependent on alcohol? Is it just because it’s prevalent on campus? One study shows that over 18 percent of college students participate in binge drinking and a quarter of students claim that they have suffered in school due to the effects of alcohol. However, the individuals who are most at risk are fraternity and sorority students. That number skyrockets to 50% saying that their school work has been impacted by alcohol.  

There’s a stereotype to college that there should be a lot of drinking, meaning that there’s a lot of peer pressure to go around. Additionally, college isn’t an easy experience. There are deadlines, piles of homework, and consuming and extensive studying. Drinking is a way for college students to decompress. Unfortunately, in college, there isn’t a balance between the two extremes. Often, those who live extreme lives end up combating their hectic lives with an equally intensive “relaxing” activity.  

Fortunately, college campuses are doing their best to provide alcohol and drug recovery classes. Unfortunately, there’s a tremendous stigma on getting help in the first place, as if students should be able to maintain their drinking. If you’ve graduated college and you find that you’re addicted to alcohol, contact Edge Recovery today. We understand how stressful college can be, but we also realize that alcohol isn’t doing your future-self any good. Don’t throw away what you’ve worked so hard for. Instead, allow our compassionate and caring staff to help you experience a sober life. We offer faith-based programs, family programs, health and wellness courses, and so much more. Addiction was part of your past in school, but it doesn’t have to be a part of your new life. Call us today at 833-888-EDGE. 

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