Set Yourself Up for Success with an Alcohol Treatment Center in Coral Springs

Success is different in all cultures. In the United States, the traditional concept of success was determined by how much money a person made and what they were driving. While this is still a common thought process in many, the reality is that the concept is changing. More and more, people are beginning to realize that you can’t chase happiness with things. No amount of money, cars, rings, or houses are going to bring satisfaction. Happiness is a white, elusive rabbit if it is tied to material possession. However, there is a version of success that entails a bit more depth. Success, in many cultures, means to be blissfully happy, and surrounded by others whom one loves. At Edge Recovery, we strive for this type of success with our alcohol treatment center in Coral Springs. Keep reading to learn more about the programs we offer, and how they’re set up to help you become the most successful version of yourself yet.

Health and Wellness Programs Make Successful People at Our Alcohol Treatment Center in Coral Springs 

Health and wellness programs are an important element of any alcohol treatment center. A healthy mind, body, heart, and core helps to stabilize individuals, who can then make better decisions. Balance is achieved through mind, body, and spirit, and health and wellness plays a large part in all of those areas. Healthy eating affects the body and the mind. Exercise affects the body and mind. When your body and mind are working in sync with one another, the human spirit is elevated.

Faith-Based Treatment 

Did you know that over 400 studies have been run to detect whether or not faith-based programs are really effective? Within those studies, experts found that faith-based programs have a success rate of up to 60 percent! These percentages are higher than those that don’t use faith based or spiritual practices into treatment. Faith gives perspective that there is something bigger, and that something out there cares about your well-being. Faith-based practices can make someone feel more liable for their actions, as there’s a feeling that someone is watching.

Family Program 

Family is an addict’s biggest support when they’re going through addiction recovery. However, addiction can often take a toll on the family dynamics. Often times, the bond is already injured due to past experiences. Whatever the case may be, there’s always room to bring the family back together. With a family program, recovering addicts can bring themselves more into balance by rebuilding the dynamic between themselves and their greatest supporters.

Continuing Care 

Last, but certainly not least, continuous care helps addicts to have a community of caring and compassionate peoples long after their time in Edge Recovery. Continuing care gives recovering addicts access to group classes, where people in continued recovery can continue to have a trusting outlet and unlimited support.

If you’re looking for an alcohol treatment center in Coral Springs, contact Edge Recovery today at 833-888-EDGE. With all of the options out there, we understand there are plenty of recovery centers out there. While you have plenty on your plate, consider Edge Recovery as your chosen location to heal. With our 12-Step, clinically sound treatment program and our evidence-based programs, we believe we can lend a true helping hand on your roadway to recovery. We look forward to hearing from you!

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