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Heroin and other opioid use is a problem in America. For those who are battling addiction, it’s not easy to get help. You may be afraid of what others will think when you seek help, or how the people you love will react when you admit you have a drug problem. Getting over this fear and admitting you need help is the first step towards your sobriety. Without seeking help, the chances of overcoming our addiction go way down. At Edge Recovery, we provide opioid treatment and we support those who are using MAT treatment as part of their recovery efforts.

What is MAT Treatment?

MAT, or medically assisted treatment, is a specific treatment plan for those who are addicted to opioids. Getting opioid addiction treatment in South Florida begins at Edge Recovery. Our caring and professional staff can help provide you the treatment plan you need to make a full and healthy recovery. For those who are using medically assisted treatment, the addict will take medication, under the careful supervision of a licensed doctor, to help combat possible withdrawal symptoms during recovery. These medications also work to help change the chemistry in one’s brain and block the effects that opioids have on the brain. Overall, MAT treatment in South Florida is proving to be a very effective treatment plan for those battling opioid addiction.

There are three main medications that are typically used during MAT treatment in South Florida. These medications are Buprenorphine, Naltrexone, and Vivitrol. While each medication has different uses, they’re all vital components to a successful recovery. When you’re working with a qualified and licensed doctor you’ll be prescribed the medications that best help you fight your addiction.

Edge Recovery is happy to support and work with those who are using MAT treatment in South Florida. We offer our own treatment plans and programs that when combined with MAT treatment can be extremely effective in helping fight opioid addiction. Are you ready to finally get the help you need and take a step towards sobriety? Call Edge Recovery today and learn more about how we can help you during your recovery process.

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