MAT, or Medically Assisted Treatment, for Drug Treatment in Coral Springs

If you are seeking drug treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction in Coral Springs, you might be confused by the options you have to choose from. For the most part, you can detox in an inpatient facility where you have 24-hour, round- the- clock medical support or you can choose to detox on an outpatient basis, which means that while you are receiving your treatment you can come and go as you please while continuing on in your schooling, work and family life. Fortunately, many people are strong enough to carry on with their regular life while they recover, but most are not.  To rid the drugs from your body, a withdrawal period of 3 to 10 days is common depending on the length of your drug usage, and is not without uncomfortable side effects that range from mild to severe pain. So, what if you are not strong enough or don’t trust yourself enough to recover without 24/7 medical assistance? Today, most addicts who choose to detox at an inpatient facility like Edge Recovery, can choose a revolutionary drug treatment program called MAT, (medically assisted treatment), which in simple terms means that your detox process will involve a daily cocktail of safe prescription drugs administered by medical professionals to help ease your symptoms of withdrawal that curb or put an end to all your cravings once and for all. 

How Can MAT Help Me Beat My Drug Addiction?

At The Edge Recovery, we employ a MAT-based program which In a matter of days will help you will feel better as you begin a new life of sobriety. Those with opioid addictions benefit greatly from this treatment and for those who have overdosed, it can often be a lifesaver. MAT can help you:

  1. Reduce your cravings for drug and alcohol so that you never use again
  2. Improve your ability to recover vastly and help you stay on track
  3. Help you get back to your job, school and family obligations more easily
  4. Lowers the risk of relapsing and overdosing
  5. Helps you enjoy the activities and hobbies you once loved again

While MAT has proven to be a very effective drug treatment in Coral Springs, staying sober however, is always up to you. For this reason, we recommend getting involved in AA/NA and working the 12 steps program with a sponsor. Also, group counseling sessions work wonders because it stands to reason that having the support of others who have walked in your shoes can be tremendously comforting. If you feel like you are heading straight for the bottom of a well due to your drug addiction, don’t wait to seek help. We can help and will help you climb out. Edge Recovery is the most respected detox center in Coral Springs and we are here to help you in your journey towards sobriety. One of our supportive drug detox counselors is waiting for your call. Rest assured that our compassionate team is always here to help you because we understand how hard it can be to admit you have a problem and then actively seek drug treatment in Coral Springs. It all starts with one call to our confidential helpline now at (833) 888-EDGE.

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