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Why is Family Important in Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs?  

What many people forget about addiction is that it doesn’t only impact the addicted individual. Addiction ripples out to close family members and friends. It affects personal relationships, work relationships, and so much more. When you’re a victim of addiction, the healing process doesn’t extend only to you, but to those around you. That’s why at Edge Recovery; we strive to bring family into the mix of our addiction treatment in Coral Springs.  

Family, Addiction, and Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs  

Families go through a lot when addiction strikes. There are many bonds that are broken, and many levels of trust that seem to be betrayed. That’s why at Edge Recovery, our Family Program allows and encourages weekly contact, treatment plans that include family weekend programs, therapy, counseling, and education to close family members. These educational meetings are held by Masters level Marriage and Family Therapists. 

Even if the patient finds recovery treatment to be helpful, it will not be so easy to go back to the old family dynamics. That’s why it’s essential to go through the healing while being in rehab. Family members are also critical to the long-term sobriety plans that the addicts will try to stick to. A family is one of the most important emotional support systems. Our family therapist will host a number of sessions to observe the overall dynamic between the patient and the family. Through a vast and discoverable understanding of communications, emotions, and personality, our family therapists can give insight, direction, and comfort during a difficult time.   

At Edge Recovery, we believe in healing the whole person. This includes mentally, physically, emotionally, and relationships. We know that addiction isn’t something that only affects one area of life, which is why all of our programs are here to give attention to it all. When you’re ready to make the change in your life, call Edge Recovery at (954) 272-4043.

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