Is There Still Hope for Me to Kick My Alcohol Addiction?

If you’ve tried to kick your alcohol addiction on your own and failed time and time again, then you know there is no easy way to beat it. You’ve tried going cold turkey and even if you’re super determined, just the thought of enduring the withdrawal pain can make you want to give up before you try. And who could blame you? Without a strong support system along with an alcohol rehab treatment plan in place, you are most likely fighting a losing battle. But there is help for you out there, all you need to do is reach out! At Edge Recovery, an alcohol rehab center in Coral Springs, we know how to help you beat your alcohol addiction once and for all. We have wonderful inpatient and outpatient programs as well as medication to make your withdrawal so much easier. When you first arrive at our center, we will take a full medical history, and then proceed to assess you physically and emotionally so that we can prescribe the proper dosage of medication to ease your pain.

How Do I Know I’m Ready for an Alcohol Rehab Center?

You’ve already taken the first step on your road to recovery by researching alcohol rehab centers in Coral Springs. Did you know that one of the best facilities in South Florida is Edge Recovery? They have the years of experience and a talented and compassionate team of alcohol addiction specialists and counselors to help you get back the life you were meant to be living—alcohol-free! While it may seem obvious to your friends and family, perhaps you aren’t really sure an alcohol rehab center is for you. But here are a few examples that might indicate you are ready to check in sooner rather than later:

  • You are calling in sick to school or your job more often and then spend the day drinking alcohol by yourself at home or in a bar.
  • Your friends avoid you and don’t call you as much do things.
  • You would rather drink than be intimate with your partner.
  • You show up late to your job with alcohol on your breath
  • You are often late to events and when you show up, you are intoxicated.
  • You’ve blacked out more than once and have forgotten where you were the night before.

These are just some examples of the insidious nature of alcoholism but I’m sure you have your own personal stories to share. And you will get that chance to share them in a group counseling session in our alcohol rehab treatment center. At Edge Recovery, we work with residents from Coral Springs and throughout South Florida.  Our mission is to restore emotional, psychological, and physical health to those who need it the most. When addiction strikes, it doesn’t just take a toll on just you. Alcohol addiction takes over the whole individual bringing friends and family along for the ride. That’s why our programs are targeted towards healing each patient and involving the whole family as well. Call us today to learn about how one of our programs can help you beat your alcohol addiction. You can call us on our free and confidential 2-hour helpline at (833) 888-EDGE. Give us the opportunity to turn your life around by calling us today!

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