Is a Medically Assisted Addiction Treatment Center in Coral Springs Safe?  

A medically assisted addiction treatment center in Coral Springs doesn’t always get the best reputation. People have mixed feelings about whether or not medically addicted treatment is healthy or if it’s more destructive. If you’ve heard of MAT before, chances are you’ve asked yourself this very question. It’s an excellent concern, as people are looking to be healthy, not find another substance that they can become addicted to. Fortunately, medically assisted treatment options are very safe and effective. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of medically assisted treatment, the statistics, and the importance of choosing a rehab center you feel you relate to.

Pros of a Medically Assisted Addiction Treatment Center in Coral Springs 

There are many pros of medically assisted treatment including that it minimizes withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Cravings are perhaps the most frustrating part of rehab. They can make focusing on sessions stressful and unproductive. If this is part of your reality, then you may benefit from using medications to get through the toughest parts of treatment. MAT options are usually for those that have been addicted for long periods of time or have used harder drugs than others, sobriety may be particularly challenging.

Opiates, for example, are one of the leading killers in America. It has taken the lives of thousands and effects the lives of millions. Often, people become addicted to opiates because of a surgery they had or because they live with someone who had a procedure. Opiates are carelessly prescribed as pain killers, though they end up doing more harm than good. This is why opiates have infiltrated every known demographic. Everyone can have surgery, and therefore, everyone can become addicted to opiates. Because these are challenging to stop, medically assisted treatment can be a real asset when it’s time to get sober.

At The Edge Recovery, we believe that working with medications can be incredibly beneficial. In fact, we’ve seen their advantages. In addition to medically assisted treatment, we also provide various programs that focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit. Some of these programs include family programs, health and wellness, faith-based programs, and continuing care. We believe that when a person decides to climb to sobriety, they deserve to have tools, care, and compassion to get there. If you’re ready to change your life, contact Edge Recovery at 833-888-EDGE. We’re a top choice as a medically assisted addiction treatment center in Coral Springs. Find out for yourself today!

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