How to Know You’re in Need of Medically Assisted Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs  

Addiction can be a tough uphill battle, and often times it means that people think they have to go through the motions in private or alone. In fact, this is not the case. It can be challenging for some individuals to come to terms with their addictive habits. They may make excuses, fight back with those who confront them, or continue to tell themselves an alternate story of justification. However, there are a few key moments that can truly unveil whether or not a person has an addiction problem. In this article, the professionals at Edge Recovery will highlight some moments that might be giveaways.

Family is Asking for You to Receive Medically Assisted Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs 

Nobody knows us like our family does, and that’s what makes it important to listen to their concerns and worries. If your family notices that your patterns are changing, you’re becoming less responsive, or that you seem to have an addiction issue, they might not hesitate to bring it your attention. The first reaction is usually poor, as addicts tend to resist. However, perhaps it’s worth it to ask if they are right.

Boss is Asking Questions 

Work is the place where we spend most of our day, and that means that it’s also an environment where our coworkers and bosses understand us best. If your boss is starting to ask questions, chances are they know there’s something going on. It’s best to tell them as opposed to pretending that everything is fine. If you’re needing addiction help, they can’t fire you if you seek assistance.

Friends are MIA 

Some friends follow us into the shadows of addiction and others decided to stay behind. If you find that some of your friends are canceling plans and deciding to distance themselves from you, it’s probably for a good reason. Perhaps ask them about the reason for their distance. If it is because they think you are making poor life decisions, that’s important to listen to.

Financially Lost

Substance abuse is expensive, especially if you’re participating often. This can put a strain on your finances. You may consistently be wondering where all of your money is going. Being sober will not only allow you to live a better life, but it will also allow you to save money and get back on your feet.

If you’re looking for medically assisted addiction treatment in Coral Springs, reach out to the professionals at Edge Recovery. We offer a handful of treatment programs including health and wellness, family programs, faith-based programs, and more. When you come to Edge Recovery to heal, we focus on healing the whole person. We can’t wait to help you back onto a promising and successful pathway. Call us at 833-888-EDGE today.

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