How to Help Someone in Need of Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs 

It’s not easy to be on the outside looking in, especially when that pertains to a friend or family member addicted to drugs or alcohol. You want to help, but you aren’t sure what to say. You want to speak up, but you don’t want to offend. Being the one who cares for the addict can be a time-consuming roll that comes with heavy burdens. Fortunately, there are ways to lend a helping hand without being overly aggressive about your approach. At Edge Recovery, we understand how difficult it can be, but we’re here to help walk you through the choppy waters of addiction interference.  

Having the Talk About Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs 

The conversation about addiction can be scary and nerve-wracking. The simple way to explain how best to approach the topic is to be gentle and kind. The chances are that the individual you’re speaking to knows that they have an issue. Whenever humans are approached aggressively about their habits, defensiveness is almost always a natural response. Therefore, it’s important not to target the individual or to make them feel cornered. It’s also crucial that you use the words, “I feel.” It’s complicated to argue with feelings and emotions. 

Start by explaining to them how their addiction makes you feel. Does it make you sad? Does it make you worry? Whatever your emotions are, describe them in a way that doesn’t point fingers. The hopeful reaction is that the individual receives and listens to those feelings. If they accept to hear you out, you can then bring up the subject of rehab. 

If you do have some luck, be sure to do your homework before the conversation. That way you can present your top picks at that moment. You can explain to them what programs are available and why you think they’d be a good fit. Naturally, you cannot make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. Another word of advice is to listen to them when they’re talking. All people need to be heard. Truly absorb what they’re saying, where they’re at, and how they feel. 

At Edge Recovery, we’re proud to offer our services to residents of South Florida and beyond. It’s not easy to have that conversation, and it’s not easy for addicts to admit a problem. It’s the very reason we offer family programs, as we know that family dynamics often need a bit of healing. We provide 12-step driven, clinically sound treatments and faith-based programs. At Edge Recovery, we’re looking forward to getting the person you love back on a more fulfilling path. Call us today at 954-272-4073 and see how Edge Recovery can make a difference.  

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