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Opioid addiction and dependance is an epidemic and ongoing problem in the United States. For those who are struggling with this disease, it’s often difficult to seek help and go to treatment. However, there is a new method that is helping many addicts overcome their opioid dependence. This is known as medication assisted treatment, and it may be able to help you or a loved one achieve sobriety. The Edge Recovery offers medication assisted treatment in Coral Springs because it works. If you’re ready to take back control of your life it’s time to look into how medication assisted treatment at The Edge Recovery can help you.

How Does Medication Assisted Treatment Work?

There are natural receptors in the brain that respond to opioids when a person uses. These receptors are involved in many functions, such as eating, sleeping, breathing, pleasure, and the perception of pain. Chronic use of opioids such as heroin can destabilize these receptors. This is what leads to mental, physical, and emotional addiction to a drug. Medication Assisted Treatment is one way to help a person overcome an opioid addiction. The way medication assisted treatment works is a person is given a drug to help stabilize these receptors in the brain. This helps the brain to establish a new normal. The three common drugs used in medication assisted treatment include:

● Buprenorphine ● Naltrexone
● Methadone

These three drugs all help the body and brain re-establish a new normal so that the person addicted to opioids can function again in daily life. When at The Edge Recovery, you’ll work closely with our counselors to get the most effective medication and treatment plan available. With medication assisted treatment in Coral Springs it is possible to beat your addiction and return to being a fully functioning and productive member of society.

Drug addiction can have a devastating effect on an individual, and many families have been torn down because of these horrible drugs. Finding new and effective ways to help people with opioid addiction is important. Medication assisted treatment is one newer treatment option that we offer at The Edge Recovery. It can help you or your loved one overcome the horrors of opioid addiction. Don’t let drug addiction continue to destroy your life. Get addiction treatment with help at The Edge Recovery. Call today.

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