How Does Medication Assisted Treatment in South Florida Work?

Addiction can affect anyone. Chances are you know someone who has struggled with drug or alcohol addiction at some point. If you yourself are going through a tough time and struggling with opioid addiction, you can get help. Medication assisted treatment in South Florida is one way doctors and counselors are fighting the opioid epidemic. At Edge Recovery, we fully support someone who is using medication assisted treatment as part of their plan to get sober. With your medication assisted treatment and the programs we offer at The Edge, you can achieve full and lasting sobriety. You don’t have to continue struggling with addiction. Now is the time to get help at Edge Recovery.

How does Medication Assisted Treatment help?

If you’re just hearing about medication assisted treatment, it’s because it’s a relatively new program that is helping those with opioid addictions. There are three main medications that are used in this program, and what is best for each patient is unique. It can depend on your addiction, how long you’ve been addicted, and much more. While there are many programs available to fight addiction, medication assisted treatment is showing to be very powerful in how effective it is. In medication assisted treatment the three main medications available are:

  • Buprenorphine
  • Naltrexone
  • Vivitrol

These medications are carefully administered by a licensed doctor to help with potential withdrawal symptoms one might face when trying to quit the use of opioids. Normally, opioid withdrawal can be very serious and even life threatening, which is why medication assisted treatment is becoming increasingly popular. The medications can help to relieve urges and cravings to use opioids, and also block the effects of opioids if an addict relapses.

The first step towards sobriety begins when you call Edge Recovery. We support our clients who are using a medication assisted treatment program and we’ll work with you to make sure you achieve the long-lasting sobriety you’re striving for. If you or a loved one is struggling with opioid addiction now is the time to get help. Call Edge Recovery today and see how we can help you overcome your opioid addiction.

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