How Can I Get Medically Assisted Help for My Opiate Addiction?

Do you want to find the path to sobriety and to living your best life once again? The good news is that you can do it—but you’ll need strong support. Opiate addiction has become a major epidemic in the United States, and without any support, the opiate detoxing process can be quite scary with withdrawal symptoms that can range from mild pain to very severe.  When you are an opiate addict, obtaining the drug is literally all you can think about. Perhaps you once had dreams of graduating college or major career goals but now you are spending your days in the bar instead of at work, or perhaps you wanted to spend more time with your wife and children, but have now missed so many family events and birthdays because you’d rather spend the day doing drugs. It’s unfortunate, but this is the way most opiate abusers behave. The truth is that when an addict gets hooked on opiates, the only thing that matters is where the next high is coming from. That means that a good amount of your money, time, and energy goes towards finding the next fix. That same energy that could be used to pursue your future goals, career moves, or better yourself as a person. By choosing to detox at Edge Recovery, you’re choosing a brighter future for you and your loved ones.   

Opiate Detox in a Safe, Medically Supervised Environment 

Luckily, Edge Recovery in Coral Springs can offer you the help and support you need without judgment. If you’re on the fence about detoxing, we won’t tell you it’s going to be easy, but what we do know is that it is going to be manageable with the help of our MAT (medically assisted treatment) program and individual and group therapy. Often opiate abusers cannot curb their cravings for the drug even after detox. What MAT does is help with the use of safe, effective detoxification drugs to ease the painful withdrawal symptoms that long-term addicts often face. Rest assured that under the watchful eye of our compassionate medical team, you will detox from your opiate addiction safely and with as little pain as possible. 

If you’re thinking about entering an outpatient detox facility in Coral Springs for opiate detox, look no further than Edge Recovery. We offer a safe, confidential anonymous place with 24/7 support for you to come and flush out your toxins with medically supervised pain medication that can effectively you’re your pain and cravings. It’s true that one of the reasons addicts fail at getting sober time and time again is because the withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe, depending on your level of toxicity.  

Edge Recovery’s treatments include detox from opiates, prescription drugs, alcohol, benzodiazepines, and more. The opiate detox process is a vital step in early recovery because addicts often want to stop using but are unable to fight their cravings alone. Our goal at Edge Recovery is to provide you with a different experience. Our medical professionals are constantly supervising you monitoring your heart rate, blood pressure, vitals, and so much more to make sure the detoxification process and the drugs we are using are work together seamlessly to provide you relief. We ensure that you are well cared for and most importantly, very comfortable. Call us today for a confidential screening assessment. 

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