How Can I Find an Addiction Treatment Center in Coral Springs?

If you’ve been struggling with your drug or substance abuse addiction for some time now and find it too hard to kick your habit on your own, you’re definitely not alone. It’s not easy to ask for help when you’re dealing with an addiction. But when you’ve hit rock bottom and you feel that you can’t be helped—please think again. Edge Recovery in Coral Springs is here for you. We will lend the help and support you need to guide you through this troubling time in your life. Our caring team of counselors and addiction specialists can help you overcome your addiction through concentrated one-on-one counseling and our strong 12-step driven, clinically sound proven treatment. Nobody should have to go through this alone. And what’s more, you’ve already taken the first step by reading this blog. Remember, recovery begins as soon as you ask for help. Edge Recovery is here to help you throughout your recovery, from the day you arrive at our center to long after your treatment is completed.

Can a Drug Rehab Center in Coral Springs Help Me Get Sober?

When we are young, we experiment with drugs and alcohol most likely due to peer pressure or just plain curiosity—it’s normal. And most of the time it’s not something that becomes an addictive way of life. Sometimes we take drugs as a way to suppress our anger or painful memories. An addict is someone who needs to use drugs or drink alcohol every day.  If you’re struggling with an addiction, it’s time to see how a drug rehabilitation center in Coral Springs like Edge Recovery can help. Sobriety is possible but it means finding a treatment plan that will work for you. Everyone’s addiction is different, and your recovery should be specifically geared for you. At Edge Recovery, we have many treatment programs that will ultimately help guide you towards living addiction free. With the help of your family and friends and Edge Recovery Center, you can beat your addiction –but the first step towards achieving wellness is up to you.

Why Do I Need a Drug Rehab Center to Get Sober?

If you or your loved one is teetering on the path to recovery, but not quite sure how to go about finding professional help, Edge Recovery has drug addiction specialists who have helped countless patients achieve sobriety. With our professional staff and programs that are 12-step driven, you will begin to see how sobriety is possible for you. The programs that can help you get and stay sober include:

  • Individual counseling – one-on-one counseling that is specifically
  • geared towards your specific needs.
  • Group therapy helps to let you know you’re not alone in this fight.
  • Family programs are important for added support.
  • Faith-based healing programs may offer comfort.
  • Aftercare helps when you’ve achieved sobriety and need help to acclimating back to a normal, drug-free life.

Here at The Edge, we know that the right program can make all the difference in helping you on the road to recovery. Don’t delay another day. Call us today confidentially on our free, 24-hour helpline: (833) 888-EDGE.

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