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Opioids such as heroine, morphine, and prescription pain medications have caused many addictions and deaths in our country. It’s a problem that hasn’t gone away, and one that we need to attack to help those who are struggling with these addictions. Opioid addiction affects the brain and the receptors in the brain. When someone is addicted to opioids it can cause an imbalance with these receptors. Medication assisted treatment is a relatively new treatment program that helps to restore the balance in the receptors of the brain. The Edge Recovery is now offering high quality, effective medication assisted treatment in Coral Springs.

One of the drugs that is being used in medication assisted treatment is buprenorphine. This medication helps to ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce drug cravings. Taken daily, this medication has proven to be effective for treating opioid addiction and dependency. Available through the prescription of a certified physician, naloxone is often prescribed with buprenorphine. This is added to the medication to discourage the abuse of buprenorphine. Naloxone will induce withdrawal symptoms if buprenorphine is injected or used with another opioid.

When someone is struggling with addiction reducing potential withdrawal symptoms is key during recovery. Many addicts can undergo serious and sometimes even deadly withdrawal symptoms, which is what makes the medication buprenorphine so effective. It helps the addict not feel the effect of withdrawal symptoms when they stop using opioids. This medication also helps reduce the cravings and urges a user will get to use opioids. Combining these two gives the addict a real chance at recovery.

The Edge Recovery helps those who are going through and struggling with opioid addiction. Depending on the individual, buprenorphine might be the most effective medication to help you get sober. Are you ready to learn more about how medication assisted treatment can help you? Call The Edge Recovery today and take the first step towards getting back control of your life. Opioids don’t have to control your life any longer. Get sober with help from The Edge Recovery today.

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