Five Things to Do Immediately After Relapse to Get Back on Track


Addiction recovery is rarely a perfect, linear process. It’s filled with bumps in the road, setbacks, and unexpected pitfalls. While we strive to understand our triggers and use more positive coping techniques to face life’s challenges, sometimes relapses happen despite our best efforts. If you experience a relapse, it’s important to remember that doesn’t make you a failure or weak. Getting back up and back onto the path of recovery is the most important thing you can do for your future. 

Here are five things to do immediately after relapse to get back on track. 


Though this may seem like the most obvious step, it’s far easier said than done. Relapse can easily snowball into a very dangerous situation. One sip of alcohol leads into full blackout that doesn’t end for days or weeks; one hit spirals into a bender that can lead to a terrible end. You don’t have to follow that path. Stopping as soon as you can helps to prevent undue tragedy.  

Seek Safety 

In line with stopping your drug or alcohol use, seeking a safe space is vital in moments of vulnerability. That means removing yourself from any people, places, or objects related to active drug use or drinking. Seeking safety may include contacting a safe and trusted sponsor, family member, or friend to help you through the first few hours or days following relapse. This person will help you stay focused on getting back onto your path of recovery. 

Consider Your Treatment Options 

Relapse often reveals an overlooked facet of your recovery that should be addressed. Returning to treatment is not shameful, it’s a courageous decision to continue your journey. Getting additional support doesn’t have to mean going all the way back to the beginning. Outpatient levels of care or support services can help you move forward in your sobriety. 

Identify the Trigger 

Even if you decide against returning to treatment, identifying what triggered your relapse is important. Was it an emotional event or something physical? Is it something that can be avoided in the future? If not, how will you handle that situation without relapsing in the future? Because recovery is about evolving as a person, growing from your mistakes is integral to bettering yourself as a whole. 


The most important thing to do following relapse is to recommit to sober living. Just because you stumbled momentary doesn’t mean you have to stay down. Don’t let insecurities or doubts convince you that recovery is not part of your story. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall; recovery Is always possible. 

If you’ve experienced a relapse and you’re ready to get back on the right path, act now. Edge Recovery offers comprehensive treatment services to help anyone, no matter their prior history. We offer client-centered therapy options to help you delve into the causes of relapse and form a more solid relapse prevention plan. 

Your journey continues with us. Contact Edge Recovery today to revitalize your journey and get back on track! 

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