The Edge Recovery understands the connection of family relationships to healing. We believe that the family unit is crucial for the client’s development in terms of love, security, trust, outlook, etc.

Family relations either make or break their client and so it is important to put them into consideration when treating the convalescent. What the The Edge Recovery center does is setting an appointment with the family of the client together with a family therapist. In this session or number of sessions, the family therapist observes the dynamics of the family and each family member.

The way they communicate sheds light on how the client is who he is and what best way for them to recover. An objection might be raised that the family will try to put their best foot forward. This will not be a problem because The Edge Recovery has the most experienced people at their disposal. The family is also encouraged to join a family program so that the family itself can foster a supportive and loving environment for each family member especially the client. Family members can also opt to have individual counseling with their primary counselor. They can simply request then schedule their appointment.

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