When someone is struggling with a drug addiction, getting help isn’t always easy. Once you are ready to seek help, finding the right treatment facility is important. The right care and treatment begins when you find drug treatment that can truly help you. At Edge Recovery we offer personalized drug treatment in Coral Springs. Our professionals are ready to provide you with the best treatment for you and your addiction. There are many different approaches to drug treatment, and a personalized approach will give you the best chance at getting sober and overcoming your addiction.

Here are some programs we offer and how they can help you during your recovery:  

  • Faith based treatment. At Edge Recovery we offer a faith based treatment program that can provide you an opportunity to regain your faith and get back in touch with your spirituality. We offer spirituality based groups, which are optional and each client can choose to take advantage of these programs if they choose.  
  • Family program. We believe that having support from your family during recovery will help you during your journey to getting sober. Building a strong support system that wants to help you and see you overcome your addiction can provide you with a better sense of purpose during your recovery. You not only are trying to get sober for yourself, but you also don’t want to let your family and friends down.  
  • Health and wellness. Your physical health is also important to us at Edge Recovery. We offer gym memberships, massages, and other ways to get in better shape and improve your physical health. Many drug addicts don’t maintain their physical health, and our health and wellness programs are designed to help in that aspect.  
  • Continuing care. Just because you finish treatment doesn’t mean that your addiction is gone. While getting sober is important, maintaining your sobriety after treatment is also key. With our aftercare program you’ll be able to receive the continued care and support you need to stay sober.  

With these programs you can get the drug treatment you need to beat your addiction. When someone is addicted to drugs, the first step is getting them to admit they have a problem so that they can seek the help they need. At Edge Recovery we offer drug treatment in Coral Springs and can provide you with the best care and treatment available. Don’t wait to get the help you need. Call our recovery helpline today and begin your journey towards a full and healthy recovery.  

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