Programs for a Successful Recovery from Drug Addiction

Those who are looking for safe and successful ways to recover from drug addiction have a choice between several programs. There are different approaches available based on the client’s needs and at the same time, how severe the person’s addiction is. Whether you are male or female, you can opt to go through any of the treatment services which are part of a full spectrum of ways to support those wanting to be drug-free.

The individualized care can also help the client best because of the tailor-fit approach. This is based on several factors, including the degree of addiction, an existing mental health issue and the different needs of the client.

Here are the various types of drug addiction programs available:

Medical Detoxification

The word detox, or detoxification, is the process of the body expelling the drugs in the system. This is affected by the type of drugs that were being abused. Medical detox is not just at the topmost level of care, but this also requires a round-the-clock watch to make sure that the withdrawal process is done safely.

The process normally lasts between 5 and 7 days, and the client is watched the entire time as he/she takes the first step away from chemical dependency. Should any medical problems occur at this stage, the staff is qualified and ready to use any medications necessary.

Partial Hospitalization

This program allows the client to slowly gain access back to the real world and will no longer be monitored round-the-clock. However, the treatment is still structured during the week. They are still required to attend various group meetings and therapy sessions for around 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Moreover, they participate in more enjoyable activities and other therapies that follow a more experiential approach. The goal of this program is for the clients to move away from 24/7 supervision and to start having real-life interaction with sober individuals in the community.


Intensive Outclient Program

Of the five programs, this offers the most freedom to the client, with care provided for only 3 days a week, with about 3 hours of treatment every day. Not only are they also allowed to mingle normally with the rest of society, but they may also start to embark on a career or participate in other personal activities.

The focus of this approach is to allow the client to ease back into the community while at the same time, planning for aftercare programs and making sure they are ready for what comes next in their recovery.


How to Design the Best Approach

Only an individualized care and treatment can successfully end drug addiction. Because every person’s drug usage and body are different, there can be no one standard approach.

Once an individual goes in for treatment, they will be going through several types of assessment procedures that will shape their program. First of all, symptoms and other conditions will be discussed, and this will identify which approach is best.

The next step involves going through a medical and psychological check which may help identify any medications needed to address withdrawal symptoms. A licensed medical doctor will then be approached for the necessary prescriptions. A physician will also determine how long and how much of any medication is to be administered.

A successful recovery from drug addiction relies on the body’s proper withdrawal from the drugs. Once this happens, other treatment programs will support the individual’s road to a drug-free life and allow him/her to again be a part of the society.

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