Do I Need an Inpatient Drug Rehab Center in Coral Springs?

Sometimes, we can’t see that we have a drug or alcohol problem until we hit rock bottom, like lying in a hospital from a near-fatal overdose kind of bottom. And even then, as we know, it’s not uncommon for a drug addict to just continue to use even after a traumatic, near-death event like that. Sadly, the high is all that is important to them. To think about where his or her next fix is coming from regardless of anything else going on around them is pretty much all there is. That is because an addict only thinks of one thing and that’s himself. He doesn’t realize how his addiction is not only hurting himself but everyone around him.  If this sounds like you right now, you are not alone in your struggle. Luckily, there is help and strong support out there waiting for you. You can’t do it alone. At Edge Recovery, a drug rehab facility in Coral Springs, we can offer you a better life that is free from drugs.

I’ve Hit Rock Bottom. What Can a Drug Rehab Offer Me?

Times like these calls for drastic measures. If you feel you’ve hit rock bottom and have no other option but to check yourself into a drug rehab center in Coral Springs, then Edge Recovery has the perfect program for you. While all of our programs are tailored to the individual’s specific drug addiction and physical and mental state at the time you arrive, one of our most popular programs for addiction might be right for you. The Partial Hospitalization Program, (PHP), is a successful drug rehab program takes those lost souls whose drug addiction has taken a toll on their health and puts them into a situation that can stabilize them. Our skilled addiction treatment specialists are with you every step of the way while you work to get your mental, physical and emotional health back on track. Our caring dedicated staff is by your side and available 24/7 because tending to your recovery is all we do—and we do it compassionately and efficiently with success.

Experience the Difference

There are many reasons to commit to a drug rehab program at Edge Recovery in Coral Springs. We have achieved so much success with getting our patients throughout South Florida and beyond sober and we have the outstanding patient testimonials to prove it! When you commit to Edge Recovery program, you are entering one of the top drug rehab programs out there. We offer our proven 12-step program, our faith-based programs, health and wellness programs, and our continuing care options.

Can we help you beat your addiction? Yes, we know we can. Whether your drug of choice is meth, cocaine, heroin, painkillers, or alcohol, it does not matter to us. We are a compassionate, judgmental free space where everyone can come to heal.  Rest easy knowing that you can trust Edge Recovery as the best choice for your drug rehab. Call Edge Recovery today at 954-272-4073 and see how we can get you started on your journey to living drug-free. Drug rehab isn’t easy, but getting the help you need can literally save your life. Don’t delay–contact one of our caring team members today!

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