Addiction is a disease that millions of Americans suffer with. If you feel alone in Columbus, OH, rest assured that you are not. All across the world, some people are fighting, just like you, to give up their last high or their last drink. However, this isn’t an easy endeavor. Getting sober is an uphill climb, and it will be an adventure that you embark on every day for the rest of your life. It sounds intimidating, but the reality is that once you find a rehab facility that tailors to your wants and needs, you’ll have an excellent chance at succeeding! At Edge Recovery, we know how you feel. There’s nothing easy about deciding to become a sober individual. Then, there are so many treatment centers! How do you decide which is best for you? At Edge Recovery, we strive to give you an experience unlike all others with programs such as:

  • Drug Treatment Programs  
  • Alcohol Treatment Programs  
  • Faith-Based Treatment Programs  
  • Edge Recovery Family Program  
  • Health and Wellness  
  • Continuing Care 
  • Opioid Treatment  
  • Prescription Addiction  
  • & So Much More  

What most people don’t know from Columbus, OH is that addiction affects many areas of a person’s life. The mental aspect of addiction is incredibly damaging. The brain chemistry of a long-term user can significantly change! The same goes for the physical and emotional health of those who have been using drugs and alcohol for an extended period of time. At Edge Recovery, we strive to heal the whole person. Our mix of group therapies, health and wellness programs, alongside faith-based programs give our patients an opportunity to grow and flourish. The chance for ultimate healing is only a phone call away!  

If you’re ready to put your life back into your hands, call Edge Recovery today. There’s no time like the present to make a decision that future you will thank you for. In fact, it’s better to give us a call now, as you may quickly change your mind! Don’t let the addict win. Instead, tend to the part of you that searches for more profound truths, meaning in life, purpose, and a desire for healed relationships, a better career, and ultimately a more fulfilling future in Columbus, OH.

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