College Drinking Statistics and Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs

It’s no secret that college students consume plenty of alcohol, but society doesn’t know just how much of an addiction issue this is causing. The consistent pressure on college students to succeed and perform causes them to look for ways to destress. Alcohol is a common chosen method, especially because of the societal culture within colleges. While it can start as a simple house party, drinking daily can soon turn into a lifelong struggle with addiction. At The Edge Recovery, we offer addiction treatment in Coral Springs for college students and beyond. Keep reading to hear some of the alarming statistics.

Why College Students are Needing Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs Now More than Ever 

First, let’s look at the statistics:

  • 80% of Students Drink Alcohol
  • 40% of Students Binge Drink
  • 20% are at risk for Alcohol Use Disorder

What is Binge Drinking? 

Binge drinking is a common activity in colleges, frats, and sororities. Sometimes it becomes a game of who can drink the most. Five drinks for men is considered a binge drinking spree, while it is four drinks for women. There are many symptoms of binge drinking including anxiety, depression, nerve damage, low blood sugar, liver disease, cancer, vomiting, memory loss, anemia, and so much more. Because alcohol is considered a downer, it may cause severe depression the day after heavy drinking. People find that the only way to successfully “cure” the haze is to continue drinking it away. Obviously, we know this isn’t the healthy answer for the mind, body, or spirit.

Yearly Statistics of Binge Drinking 

  • 1,800 Students die every year due to alcohol-related accidents
  • 97,000 sexual assaults are linked to alcohol on campuses
  • 1 in 4 students suffer with their schooling because of alcohol
  • 696,000 students are assaulted by a drunk student

If these statistics aren’t alarming, we don’t know what is. At The Edge Recovery, we firmly believe that all people, regardless of age, have the right to heal from their addictions. College is stressful and drinking can seem like an excellent option, but it’s not worth it. If you’ve found that drinking is taking over your life, detouring you from reaching your goals, and diminishing your genuine relationships, it’s time to seek addiction treatment in Coral Springs today. Contact the compassionate team at Edge Recovery today at 833-888-EDGE and see how we can help you heal to be your best self.

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