Beat Addiction with MAT Treatment in South Florida

Millions of Americans struggle each day with addiction. Heroin and opioid addiction is a huge problem in our society, and receiving help is the only way to overcome this type of addiction. If you’re battling addiction know that you don’t have to struggle alone any longer. Edge Recovery supports medication assisted treatment in South Florida to help those with opioid addictions. Are you wondering what medication assisted treatment is? It’s a newer treatment program that provides medication to an addict during treatment to help achieve sobriety. This medication is provided under careful supervision and can help an addict not only get sober, but maintain sobriety as well.

Medication assisted treatment uses three medications during its treatment program. These medications include Buprenorphine, Naltrexone, and Vivitrol. Each has a specific use and reason why it’s used during the treatment process, and the overall advantages are significant. These medications work to restore the brain’s balance and block the effects one feels when they use opioids. This mean even if an addict relapses, they won’t feel the same high as they did before they began medication assisted treatment.

Edge Recovery is actively supporting medication assisted treatment in South Florida. Studies have shown that this treatment program is proven to be effective for those addicted to prescription opioids and heroin. At Edge Recovery our counselors and professionals will make sure to find the best program for each addict to ensure a safe and full recovery.

Medication assisted treatment in South Florida is a newer option to help those battling serious addiction. Prescription opioids and heroin are easy to become addicted to, and getting sober is not an easy task. Receiving the right help and treatment is crucial to getting sober and achieving lasting sobriety. Edge Recovery is ready to provide you with the help and support you’ve been needing. Don’t allow your addiction to opioids to control your life any longer. See how medication assisted treatment in South Florida can help you. Call Edge Recovery today.

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