Are You a Struggling Addict and Feel Like There is No One Who Can Help?

It’s normal to experiment with drugs or alcohol when you’re a kid and most of the time it’s not something that becomes an addictive way of life or cause for concern. But when you start to crave drugs or alcohol every day, all danger signs point to your becoming an addict unless you get help, preferably today. Do you feel like there is no one that can help? Do you feel like no one is on your side? Do you also push people away when they offer help? Then you’re struggling with an addiction you can’t kick and Edge Recovery in Coral Springs can definitely help you. We have many treatment programs that can help you achieve sobriety. We take a personalized approach to recovery along with the support of your family and friends. At the Edge Recovery Center, you can beat your addiction –but the first step towards achieving wellness are up to you. If you have been a drug abuser for some time, then you need to be truthful with yourself about getting clean and sober. You can’t avoid the detox stage of healing and going through it alone can be difficult. We can tell you that it’s never easy and it’s never wise to go it alone. But you don’t have to be a hero when it comes to drug withdrawal. The discomfort of traditional detox can be quite intense causing nausea, vomiting, shaking and anxiety and headache, to name just a few of the unpleasant symptoms you could be dealing with. That’s why MAT might be the perfect treatment solution for you.

How Can MAT, (Medically Assisted Treatment) Program in Coral Springs Help Me?

Detox from alcohol in a safe, medically supervised environment. At the Edge Recovery, we offer a way to detox safely so that you can begin to reenter the world sober again. If you’re on the fence about detoxing, we won’t tell you it’s going to be easy, but what we do know is that it is going to be manageable with the help of our MAT (medically assisted treatment) program and individual and group therapy. It’s often true that drug abusers cannot curb their cravings even after detox. What MAT does is help with the use of safe, effective detoxification drugs to ease the withdrawal symptoms and curb the painful cravings that long-term addicts face. Rest assured that under the supervision of our compassionate medical team, you will detox from drugs safely and with as little pain as possible.

If you’re interested in the MAT program at Edge Recovery in Coral Springs, reach out to us today. We provide a safe space with 24/7 support for you to come in and flush out your toxins. MAT is especially effective to help you manage your withdrawal symptoms and curb your cravings. It’s true that one of the reasons addicts fail at getting sober time and time again is because the withdrawal symptoms and temptation to relapse can be quite severe, but at Edge Recovery, our compassionate staff is here to make sure that you succeed. To find out more about the MAT program and others, please call (833) 888-EDGE today, and speak with one of our compassionate addiction specialists today.

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