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What to Do After Your Spouse Relapses: Alcohol Rehab Coral Springs

Rehab is an excellent approach to tackling addiction. However, not all programs are built to last. Addiction is an on-going, lifetime disease that takes willpower and strength to defeat. Relapsing isn’t uncommon, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t break your heart when your loved one gives in. How do you best handle this situation? Do you become angry? Are you supportive? Relapsing can also come after years of being sober. No matter where they’re at on their road to recovery, it’s all in how supportive friends and family handle the episode.  

 1. Offer Communication After a Relapse 

After an addict relapses, whether it’s been weeks, months or years, they can be ashamed of their actions. They may even be self-critical of their lack of will-power. It’s crucial for the addict’s support group to be kind to the situation. By opening up a secure portal for communication, the individual can feel at ease knowing that people make mistakes and that their relapse doesn’t make them any less loveable. The most important piece of your communicative efforts will be reminding your loved one that it doesn’t change their path moving forward. Encourage them to keep trying!  

 2. Enroll in Alcohol Rehab in Coral Springs  

Continuing education is vital in all areas of life. Whether it’s continuing education for a career, a hobby, or a sport. The same is true for addiction. As a lifelong disease, it’s crucial for substance abuse victims to continue treatment, especially after relapsing. Some individuals go to AA meetings, while others enroll in outpatient therapy. Whatever the chosen method is, being in healthy environments and being surrounded by supportive individuals is always helpful to stay sober. 

3. Participate in Recovery Activities  

Last, but not least, enjoy recovery activities with your loved one. One of the biggest reasons addicts relapse is because they are put in triggering situations. You can go to movie theaters, enjoy outdoor sports, or spend your time working out. In fact, many individuals who have been addicts end up using exercise as a coping mechanism. There are many healthy and enjoyable ways to channel your energy while recovering. 

At The Edge Recovery, we understand that relapsing is possible. One drink can turn into many, and that’s precisely why it’s essential for addicts who have relapsed to find continuing care and additional help. We offer alcohol rehab in Coral Springs including family programs, health and wellness treatments, and faith-based programs. Whatever the right approach is for the person you love, have them give Edge Recovery a call today at (954) 272-4043. There’s no better time than now to get back into a balanced, safe, and sober life.

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