Are you tired of feeling sick and tired in Streeter, WV? Do you feel like your relationships are starting to take a turn for the worst? Is your boss or teacher upset with your recent performance? If so, then it’s probably a good time to start asking yourself what you’re going to do next. Sure, you can continue on your destructive path towards addictive behaviors, but what if you started chasing the dreams that younger you had. What if you truly started to control your own life, rather than allowing a substance to control it for you? It’s not an easy choice to make, as things that are familiar to us are hard to let go of. However, with the right support group, the experts at Edge Recovery believe that you can do anything. Some of our programs at Edge Recovery include:   

  • Drug Treatment Programs  
  • Alcohol Treatment Programs  
  • Faith-Based Treatment Programs  
  • Health and Wellness Programs  
  • Family Programs  
  • Continuing Care  
  • Opioid Treatment 
  • Prescription Addiction 
  • & More 

1-10 Americans have had a relatively close friend or family member pass away from an opioid overdose. Did you know that Streeter, WV is one of the top cities for opioid-related deaths? Prescription medications are not something to play with, and if you’re addicted, you’re probably beginning to realize the harsh reality. At Edge Recovery, we strive to provide rehab that works. Our goal is to heal the whole person, from the inside out. That means tending to your spiritual, bodily, and mental needs. Drugs and alcohol can take over multiple avenues of your life, and now it’s your time to get them back.   

Edge Recovery has a proven 12-step program that allows for continuing care after treatment. The evidence-based program is offered through Certified Addiction professionals as well as Master’s Level clinicians. At Edge Recovery, we have years worth of experience, training, and knowledge that can help you break free of your addiction chains. Now is the time to make the most out of your life. Every day in Streeter, WV is an opportunity to turn your path into gold.

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