Residents of Rayne, LA and beyond are dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction is a disease that many struggle with, and seeking help is an all important step towards recovery. If the individual who is struggling with addiction doesn’t want to get better, it will be very difficult to provide them the path towards sobriety. Are you struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Is someone you love struggling? Then now is the time to get help from Edge Recovery. The dedicated and caring addiction specialists at Edge Recovery can help those in Rayne, LA achieve sobriety. Whether you’ve been addicted for days, or years, now is the time to get help.

Edge Recovery offers many different programs to help those trying to achieve sobriety. What is the best treatment plan for one individual may not work best for another. Finding the right programs and treatment is crucial to your success. Working with the addiction counselors at Edge Recovery will help you find the right path for you. Some of our treatment programs include:

  • Faith based healing
  • Health and wellness
  • Continuing care
  • Family program
  • Individual rehabilitation
  • Group counseling

These programs are all designed to help you overcome your addiction. Are you ready to take the first step and begin your journey to a sober life? Those in Rayne, LA can get help to beat their addiction at Edge Recovery. We’re here ready to provide you the tools you need to beat your addiction. Don’t wait any longer. Make today the day you call Edge Recovery and begin your journey to sobriety.

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