Addiction can happen to anyone. If you’re struggling, rest at ease knowing that you’re not alone. People in Louisville, KY are fighting just like you to beat their dependencies and experience a sober, better life. What makes it such a complicated endeavor for so many is that it’s not as simple as going to rehab or changing one’s mine. In fact, addiction is often something that addicts will face for a lifetime. Each day becomes a true testament to how far they’ve come and what they’ve learned about their previous desires. That’s why at Edge Recovery, we believe that rehab should be as supportive as possible. We believe that in order to truly make a difference, it’s all about healing the whole person. Some of our programs include:   

  • Drug Treatment Programs  
  • Alcohol Treatment Programs  
  • Faith-Based Treatment Programs  
  • Health and Wellness Programs  
  • Family Programs  
  • Continuing Care  
  • Opioid Treatment 
  • Prescription Addiction 
  • & More 

As you may have noticed, we put continuing care on our list of programs because we don’t believe that anyone’s journey is over after rehab. There is more to learn, and there is always more to share. By continuing to be a part of a sober community, individuals in Louisville, KY can still feel that they are supported and cared for after rehab. You might have also noticed that we offer programs for the spirit, programs for the body, and programs for the mind. We simultaneously believe in the healing of the close personal relationships of our patients, as they will soon become the primary support system.

If you’re ready to take control of your life, there’s no time to wait. The longer you wait, the most extensive your addiction habits become. To avoid furthering the hole you’re in, consider seeing the light of day with Edge Recovery. You can read our local reviews to get a better idea of what other residents from Louisville, KY thought of our programs! For healthy relationships, a promising career, and a brighter future call Edge Recovery today!

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