Addiction is a progressive disease that only gets worse the longer an addict uses. For many addicts, their plunge into the world of addiction started with what seemed like innocent partying with friends. Most high school students experiment with drugs and alcohol.
For the majority, consumption stays in the realm of experimentation or once in a while social use.

Call Edge Recovery if you live in Lawrence Township, NJ and want to get sober today!

Unfortunately for an unlucky few, experimentation opens up the desire for more, in AA/NA this is known as the phenomenon of craving. Those inflicted with the disease of addiction will often go to any lengths to get the substance they desire. This includes lying and stealing from friends and family which is incredibly difficult for loved ones caught in the crossfire.

There is however a road to recovery available for addicts that have truly had enough and are ready to become clean and sober. For those that live in Lawrence Township, Edge Recovery is a fantastic opportunity to reach sobriety.

Edge Recovery is a 12-step based treatment center because addicts that get involved in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are more likely to stay sober. We encourage all our clients to get involved in a support group and work through the steps with a sponsor. Finding an encouraging sponsor and completing step work is critical to lasting sobriety. Our certified addiction counselors are here to work with you and get to the underling cause of your substance abuse. At our facility, you will learn coping skills that will allow you to handle whatever life throws at you with out reaching for drugs or alcohol. Some of the treatment programs we offer include:

  • 12-step education
  • Group and 1 on 1 therapy
  • Support Groups such as AA/NA
  • Developing Coping Skills
  • Relapse prevention plan
  • Transition help into a sober living environment.

Drugs and alcohol have called the shots in your life for long enough, it’s time for you to regain control and become the successful person you were meant to be. If you live in Lawrence Township, your journey into sobriety begins with a phone call to Edge Recovery. We are excited to hear from you.

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