Are you tired of feeling sick and tired? Does addiction have you down? Do you feel like your life’s purpose is cloudy and perhaps out of reach? If you answered yes to these questions, then chances are you’re looking for a rehab center that can help put you back on your feet. At Edge Recovery, we help people in Hazle Township, PA and beyond. What makes our team different is that we truly believe in the power of healing, and how a few weeks can transform a person for life. While addiction is a continuing education and constant battling, the right tools can bring confidence, structure, and peace. Some of our programs include:  

  • Drug Addiction Treatment Programs  
  • Faith-Based Programs 
  • Edge Recovery Family Program  
  • Health and Wellness 
  • Continuing Care 

We offer many programs that other rehab facilities won’t offer. Faith-based programs, for example, aren’t for everyone but studies do show that they are highly effective. We believe that healing from addiction needs to take place on three levels: mind, body, and spirit. Unfortunately, substance abuse takes away from various parts of a person’s life, and a single-minded recovery plan doesn’t cut it. We also know that family plays an important role in the life of an addict. They act as a support group, yet there is often a bit of healing to do in order to reach a loving and encouraging space. Last, but certainly not least, we hope to bring peace of mind and a healthy lifestyle to everything that we do.  

If you’re looking for a rehab center with morals, support, and compassion, choose Edge Recovery today. We know what it feels like to be lost. Fortunately, you have your whole life ahead of you, and addiction doesn’t have to be the end result. Addiction is a chapter in your life, but now it’s time to rewrite the book. For a team you can trust, 12-step clinically sound treatment programs, and an incredible team, call Edge Recovery today! 

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