People in Boynton Beach, FL are struggling with the severe side effects of drugs and alcohol. Whether it’s you that needs help, or a loved one, it’s time to find support during such a challenging time. Addiction doesn’t just affect the individual, but it also affects a person’s way of life, close personal relationships, and self-esteem. At Edge Recovery, we offer a plethora of programs that can help you or your loved one start the journey towards sobriety. It’s an uphill battle that can last a lifetime, but often the first steps are the hardest. Some of our options include:   

  • Group Therapy  
  • Individual Therapy  
  • Family Counseling  
  • Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment  
  • Health and Wellness Programs  
  • Faith-Based Programs  
  • & More  

Part of what makes Edge Recovery a unique find for residents in Boynton Beach, FL is that we genuinely believe in healing the whole person. Our treatment methods target the mind, body, and soul so that no parts of our clients are left without care. Our faith-based program can provide healing and guidance for those who are looking for more direction in life. Studies show that believing in a higher power strengthens the probability of not relapsing. This is because a higher power allows the recovering addict to feel that they are answering to someone, and it often causes them to take an extra bit of thought before taking another hit or taking another drink.

Health and wellness are also important parts of recovery. Addiction can take over the mind, but it also takes over the body. By tying together wellness and health techniques, we focus on returning the vessel you live in back to a harmonious state. If you’re ready to make a change, or you know a loved one who could use our help, contact Edge Recovery today. We’re helping people in Boynton Beach, FL overcome their addiction and now, you can too.

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