Drug and alcohol treatment centers are not difficult to find but finding a treatment center that is a good match for your needs may be challenging. There are many different types of specialized treatment centers, ranging from holistic treatment centers, health and wellness treatment centers, program-oriented treatment centers, religious treatment centers, and more. With all of these overwhelming options, how does one choose?  

 Imagine not having to. At Edge Recovery, we offer all of the mentioned options only because we know that each patient is different. To limit ourselves to a select niche would mean that we’re limiting our ability to help those in need. If you’re searching for addiction treatment in Clarks Summit, look no further.

According to a recent AP-NORC Poll, 1 in 10 American’s know someone who has passed away from an opioid overdose. The poll also revealed only one in five people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol receive the help they need. At Edge Recovery, we know that addiction can often have a certain stigma that makes addicts less likely to speak up and receive addiction treatment. Not to mention, when one does decide to do a search for treatment centers in their area, they are often disheartened at the overwhelming choices, the niche target markets, and the feeling that nothing will truly work.  

At Edge Recovery, we are striving to break this stigma. Speaking up about addiction is always daunting for a number of reasons, but knowing that there are addiction centers which cater to all personalities is enormous. Many treatment centers are too big or too crowded. Our certified addiction professionals and Master’s Level clinicians have the knowledge and compassion to understand each patient individually, giving them the time, space, and one-on-one guidance. This helps patients to feel that their issue is being handled the genuine care.

When patients are backed into a corner with limited options, they may soon realize that the programs listed, ideology, and the message is not relatable. Having the space to grow, change, and expand are actions we like to encourage at Edge Recovery. We offer several treatment options. As an example, we provide faith-based programs, though they are not required. We also provide extensive health and wellness activities, family programs, and more.

Through choosing programs that work and avoiding ones that don’t, our counselors can help patients create a unique treatment plan that genuinely touches the soul, heals the mind, and cleanses the body. Don’t be put-off by the multitude of choices in Pennsylvania or elsewhere. Instead, choose to leave home and seek the optimal addiction treatment away from Clarks Summit. Call (833) 888-EDGE today! 

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