Addiction is a family disease. Drug and alcohol addictions have the potential to rip families apart. Addiction impacts the person who abuses substances and affects the entire family. It can be extremely difficult to be a relative or close friend of a person who is addicted. But families play a large part in an addict’s recovery.  

Healing your damaged family dynamic is an essential part of drug and alcohol addiction recovery.  Family-focused therapy and support programs can help make it possible for people struggling with addiction to recover in a healthy and caring environment. These sessions not only help to manage their addiction, but it also helps the individual and their loved ones too.  Typical problems discussed in family therapy include:  

  •  Rebuilding relationships to create a strong support system  
  •  Behavioral problems caused by family interaction  
  • Family conflict  
  • Codependency  
  • Positive modes of communication  

There are several advantages to family and support therapy, including the ways counseling utilizes the love and concern that are essential to help a person cope with their addiction. Family therapy helps to create a support group that offers positive support and helps through addiction. It also helps to identify negative situations, including any potentially dangerous ones, that may influence addiction.  

Whether someone struggling with addiction has a strong or weak connection with his/her family, integrating family members into therapy is often a powerful way to boost the success of recovery.  

While offering our Family Program, we provide individual counseling with the primary counselor for family members. We want families to foster a supportive and loving environment for their loved ones receiving treatment. At Edge Recovery, sobriety is a personal journey. We stand side by side with our patients for as long as they’re with us, even offering sober residential living after their stay.  Edge Recovery offers an entire program to transform all areas of your life. If you’re searching for addiction recovery in Boca Raton, call (833) 888-EDGE today, and see how we can help you get started today.   

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