Medication Assisted Treatment Coral Springs 

Drug and alcohol addiction can affect anyone. You may be struggling yourself, or you may know someone who is battling a severe addiction. It’s never too late to seek help, and Edge Recovery is offering support to a new treatment plan for those battling opioid addiction. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, it’s time to seek help. Edge Recovery offers quality addiction recovery in Coral Springs. You do not have to allow your addiction to control your life any longer. With a team of dedicated addiction counselors, Edge Recovery can help you or your loved one get sober and maintain your sobriety long after treatment.  

Can Medication Assisted Treatment Help Me Achieve Sobriety? 

There are many programs that are offered to help someone achieve sobriety. Edge Recovery actively supports clients on a medication assisted treatment program that can help addicts get sober. Medication assisted treatment in Coral Springs is helping addicts not only get sober, but also stay sober long after they leave treatment. Edge Recovery has partnered with trusted medical professionals in the community to monitor and secure daily medication.  This partnership counts with the highest communication which will ensures each client has the care they need. 

Medication assisted treatment is a program that provides medication that is carefully administered by a professional to help with the possible withdrawal symptoms. Edge has partnered with a trusted verified medical professional that manages and secures all medical aspects of the MAT clients.  These medications can also help relieve the urges to use and block the effects of opioids if an addict relapses. At Edge Recovery, this treatment program  is based on a treatment plan consisting of a 120 day program. From the time you walk through our doors to your last day in the program our drug and alcohol counselors will provide you with the treatment and counseling you need to achieve sobriety.  

Are you ready to take the first step towards sobriety? Edge Recovery is ready to help you beat your addiction and finally get sober. With medication assisted treatment in Coral Springs you can finally overcome addiction. Working with the counselors at Edge Recovery will provide you a platform to really work on achieving sobriety. Call Edge Recovery today to learn more about how we actively support a medication assisted treatment and how it can help you get sober.

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