Achieve Sobriety with MAT Treatment in South Florida

Opioid addiction is an ongoing problem in the United States. Opioids are a class of drugs that include morphine, prescription pain medication and heroin. These drugs are easy to become addicted to and it can be very difficult to get sober once addicted. If you’re struggling with an opioid addiction medication assisted treatment in South Florida can help. Edge Recovery fully supports and works with addicts who are using medication assisted treatment as part of their recovery plan.

How does Medication Assisted Treatment work?

There are three medications that are commonly used during a medication assisted treatment program. Buprenorphine, naltrexone, and vivitrol are the medications and they work together to help rebalance the brain’s receptors and to block the feelings of opioids. Opioid addiction is a brain disease and when someone is addicted to opioids they must re-establish a new normal when working to achieve sobriety. Medication assisted treatment is one way this can happen and one way to help an addict get sober.

With medication assisted treatment in South Florida and help from Edge Recovery, sobriety is possible. It’s never too late to ask for treatment, no matter how severe your addiction or how long you’ve been using opioids. Working with the counselors and treatment professionals at Edge Recovery can give you the chance to find the right treatment plan so you can beat your addiction. We focus on not only helping our patients get sober, but we strive for lasting sobriety long after treatment has finished.

If you’re struggling with opioid addiction and you’re using a medication assisted treatment plan in South Florida now is the time to contact Edge Recovery. We fully support those using medication assisted treatment and we want to help you further your recovery. With our 120 day program and other programs, you can achieve lasting sobriety. There is never a better time than the present to reach out for help and treatment when you’re dealing with an opioid addiction. Contact Edge Recovery today to learn more.

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