With all of the options you and your loved one have to choose from when it comes to treatment in South Florida, it is understandable that the process of choosing a treatment program can be overwhelming. 

The Edge Recovery, LLC provides a strong 12-step driven, faith oriented, clinically sound treatment option for you and your family. The Edge Recovery provides the continuum of care and will support you or your loved in finding their way back from The Edge. The clinical program consists of evidenced based treatment approaches provided by Certified Addiction professionals as well as Master’s Level clinicians that have an extensive amount of addiction/recovery knowledge, training and experience. The clinical team is able to meet the individualized needs of each particular client by consisting of a multidisciplinary trained staff that have a variety of specializations such as marriage and family therapy, (MFT) mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), holistic healing and wellness, along with traditional 12step and recovery based trained professionals. Additionally, we have an ordained minister who can provide faith based groups, meetings, and bible studies to increase ones spiritual connection as part of the recovery process.

The Edge Recovery, LLC differs from traditional treatment facilities in that is solely focused on addiction and recovery and host two instrumental programs that support long standing abstinence. The Family program at The Edge Recovery LLC supports the understanding of the paramount importance of incorporating the family component into the treatment process. The Edge Recovery LLC provides a family program that consists of weekly contact with the family, individualized treatment plan goals to include the family component, a family weekend program and extensive education and support for the family system by a Master’s level Marriage and Family Therapist.

The Faith Based program is lead by an ordained minister who has an extensive amount of training, experience and understanding of how to incorporate faith based principals and traditions as a way to support the recovery process. Faith based groups, individual therapy, faith oriented studies, education, and exposure of how to implement a sense of spirituality into your day to day living will strengthen the recovery process.

Services provided:

  • Individual Therapeutic Services
  • Group Process/Psycho-education
  • Gender specific group process
  • Addiction/12 step Education
  • Creative Steps (Art, Music, psychodrama)
  • Mindfulness
  • Family Therapeutic Services
  • Faith based education/practices
  • Supportive housing with around the clock support
  • Lifeskills/Case Management Services
  • Psychiatric/Medical Services
  • Holistic care (Chiropractic, Massage therapy, Yoga, Nutrition/Wellness)