A Drug Treatment Program Gives You Back Your Life

When drugs become a daily part of your life, and you can’t go without, climbing out of the bottom of the well by yourself becomes utterly impossible. Those who once lent support like family and friends, are tired of your games and can’t stand to see you destroy yourself, but also have no idea what to do. It almost seems like the self-destructive path you are on is a runaway train that you can’t seem to get off. As the substance abuse numbers climb in South Florida, the possibility of overdosing becomes a real concern. Do you want to go down that road? Overdosing becomes a real possibility if your drug problem is not handled swiftly. But what do you do when you know you can’t do it on your own? There are many good drug treatment centers in Coral Springs. But Edge Recovery is a leader in drug addiction recovery, and we have hundreds of successful cases to prove it. Our primary goal is to help you overcome your addiction, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve sobriety through one of our proven drug treatment programs.

What can I expect from a drug treatment center in Coral Springs?

We employ a medically assisted treatment (MAT) program to help you withdraw from drugs and alcohol safely. MAT is individually formulated to each patient to help you withdraw without too many adverse side effects. What’s more, you’ll never have to go it alone. Our compassionate medical professionals will monitor your vitals to ensure that you are responding well to the medication. Thanks to the abundance of treatment centers throughout South Florida, individuals are given more options when it comes to selecting a quality drug treatment in Coral Springs. Treating addicts can be challenging, as there are many other obstacles besides the addiction that they deal with daily. Our medical team at Edge Recovery has been helping South Floridians get back their lives through our very successful drug treatment programs. At Edge Recovery, you should expect nothing less than long-lasting results from our drug withdrawal treatments.

With our drug treatment program, you can expect:

  1. Individual and group counseling services
  2. Medically assisted prescription withdrawal program
  3. Board-certified physicians trained in substance abuse 
  4. Flexible payment options
  5. A supportive and compassionate staff
  6. Positive reviews and testimonials
  7. Life skills support and guidance

How do I get started on the path to sobriety?

At Edge Recovery, we offer drug treatment in Coral Springs and throughout South Florida that will help you get your life back as you begin anew on a sober path. Regardless of what your needs are, the compassionate and caring team of medical professionals and therapists are here to provide quality treatment programs for you or your loved one. Our proven successful drug withdrawal treatment, along with the support and guidance of our caring staff, will improve your quality of life for the better in no time. Call our confidential, 24-hour helpline today at (833) 888-EDGE. Don’t let your drug problem define your life. We hope to see you soon!

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