With all of the options you and your loved one have to choose from when it comes to treatment in South Florida, it is understandable that the process of choosing a treatment program can be overwhelming.

The Edge Recovery, provides a strong 12-step driven, clinically sound treatment option for you and your family. The Edge Recovery provides the continuum of care and will support you or your loved in finding their way back from The Edge. The clinical program consists of evidenced based treatment approaches provided by Certified Addiction professionals as well as Master’s Level clinicians that have an extensive amount of addiction/recovery knowledge, training and experience. The clinical team is able to meet the individualized needs of each particular client by consisting of a multidisciplinary trained staff that have a variety of specializations.

Our Mission

To enhance the spiritual, emotional, and physical health of the individual who suffers from chemical dependency. We strive to be unique in our guidance of each individual, including the family, throughout the recovery process.

Our Vision

To be the provider of choice, excellence, and premiere service within the industry.

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Substance Abuse Rehab Coral Springs
Drug Treatment Coral Springs
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What Makes Us Different

The Edge Recovery differs from traditional treatment facilities; we didn’t build a specific program for any client to meet our programmatic needs, instead we’ve surrounded ourselves with a premiere and diverse team that can meet the clients individual needs. We solely focus on addiction, and recovery; hosting instrumental programs that support long standing abstinence. The Family program at The Edge Recovery supports the understanding of the paramount importance of incorporating the family component into the treatment process. The Edge Recovery provides a family program that consists of weekly contact with the family, individualized treatment plan goals to include the family component, a family weekend program and extensive education and support for the family system by a Master’s level Marriage and Family Therapist.

Addiction is a Deadly Disease

The longer you wait the harder it will get, let’s help you overcome this today with the use of our Clinically Proven Treatment Methods.

Comfortable and Safe

All of our Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment Methods are specifically designed by rehabilitation professionals to offer you a comfortable environment that is dedicated to your recovery.

End the Suffering

Addiction ruins the lives of many addicts, we invite you to stop this disease in its tracks and start living the life you deserve today!

There is Always Hope

Let’s end this disease together, The Edge Recovery knows what it takes to help you get clean and sober in a safe and comfortable environment.

Save Your Life

The earlier we treat this disease together the greater your chances are of a full recovery.

Begin a New Future

Let’s begin a new future, a new chapter in your life, you can begin to heal and recover today.

Addiction Recovery Services

We Offer at The Edge Recovery

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Those who are looking for safe and successful ways to recover from drug addiction have a choice between several programs. There are different approaches available based on the client’s needs and at the same time, how severe the person’s addiction is.

IOP Program

The focus of this approach is to allow the client to ease back into the community while at the same time, planning for aftercare programs and making sure they are ready for what comes next in their recovery.

PHP Day/Night with Community Housing

One of the most popular and effective addiction treatment methods we offer is a Partial Hospitalization Program, also called PHP. Entering into a PHP treatment center is a great idea for those who need to stabilize their health while also ending a serious drug or alcohol addiction.

Health and Wellness

In addition to world-class therapists and specialists, conditioning yourself physically is an important piece of recovery. We offer gym memberships for clients to have an opportunity to get back to being in shape, as well as massages and other opportunities for clients to get their physical health back in line with where they desire it to be. In addiction, physical health is an afterthought for most struggling to find their next fix, and helping to get back on track is an important task we help to nurture.

Continuing Care

Even after a client leaves treatment there is still a lot to work on. Our aftercare program ensures that the needs and help so desired by clients is continued to be met. Offering a check in as well as an Alumni program, clients can have the opportunity to keep up on their recovery by participating in the Continuing Care program.

Family Program

At The Edge Recovery we believe in strong family support and involvement wherever possible. Reconnecting families is very important to us and we help to facilitate that by offering an opportunity to slowly build up contact with the family members as well as offering a chance for families to work therapeutically with clients through counselors here, and have monitored contact on select occasions.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is unlike a residential program because it allows someone the flexibility to continue their normal life and responsibilities while utilizing their free time to get sober.

Faith Based Treatment

Those who are looking for safe and successful ways to recover from drug addiction have a choice between several programs. There are different approaches available based on the client’s needs and at the same time, how severe the person’s addiction is.


At The Edge Recovery, we provide an individualized approach to recovery. Our successful past patients have taken the time to leave reviews about the excellent time they had while in our care.

The Edge Recovery


The Edge Recovery brought not only inpatient and outpatient clients to Tennessee. But they also allowed alumni and pets to come as well. Everything was covered, they didn't skip a beat.


Best place best people.


Amazing place. Everyone cares about me in every way. Therapists and techs were amazing and I really felt loved.


The Edge is a great program, the only suggestion I have is to keep up the good work and keep helping me the way you do through the meetings and therapy with my awesome therapist. All the services The Edge has to offer are amazing. They really never say no, if you need help with anything they are willing to help whatever the need. Thank You!


I am currently a client at The Edge Recovery and Sunrise Sober Living. The days leading up to Hurricane Irma i began to get nervous anf anxious. The staff , owners, and therapists ensured all clients that they would keep us safe. That is exactly what they did. 3 days before Irma crashed through Florida The Edge and Sunrise Sober Living evacuated every single one of their clients to Newport Tennessee. Far away from any threat or danger. The center put us into a nice comfortable hotel, supplied us with meals , and paid for activities for us to do (bowling, basketball, took us to a beautiful recreational park). Also, all clients participated in groups in the hotel lounge area twice a day. The Edge Recovery and it's owners did not have to go all out for me during this hard time, but they did that and more. These people treat you like family and I'm proud to say that they have done so so much for me!


The Edge helped save my life. Never thought I could do this but I'm an example that with caring loving people behind you anything is possible. Thank Edge for believing in me when I didn't.


I've been to treatment a few times but nothing like this. Everyone cares about me and how I am doing and how they can help me each day. I worked through a lot of stuff and finally I believe I can do this. I would tell and I do if you need help go to The Edge.


Groups are engaging and helpful. The facilitators do an excellent job at keeping the groups focused and beneficial. Between that and the wonderful massages, I couldn't be getting better treatment.


Just visited my daughter who is in treatment at the edge. I cannot tell you how grateful I am and for the care that she is receiving and knowing this I sleep at night.

A Grateful Mom

I have been to many places but none like this. I have hope again.


As a parent of a client at The Edge Recovery and Sunrise Sober Living let me just say that my daughter was in great hands during the Hurricane. I'm here in NC and have dealt with many Hurricanes and this was one for the record books. The Edge kept us parents informed via FB and even private messages and kept their clients informed daily as to the evacuation plan in place. They took 130 plus out of the State of Florida and safely into Tennessee. What a relief. During this time they as a group experienced the serenity of the Great Smoky Mountains, a spiritual awakening, together time and still maintained meetings and accountability. Again, my daughter was down there during Hurricane Matthew and another facility but not the same result. I cannot say enough about how the safety of my child was handled and with the respect and care and provision of her group. They did not return until all had a place to safely return to as well. Thank you Edge/Sunrise!


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