Addiction is a Deadly Disease

The longer you wait the harder it will get, let’s help you overcome this today with the use of our Comfortable and Trusted Detox Methods.

Comfortable and Safe

  • All of our Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment Methods are specifically designed by rehabilitation professionals to offer you a comfortable environment that is dedicated to your recovery.

End the Suffering

  • Addiction ruins the lives of many addicts, we invite you to stop this disease in its tracks and start living the life you deserve today!

There is Still Hope

Let’s end this disease together, The Edge Recovery knows what it takes to help you get clean and sober in a safe and comfortable environment.

Save Your Life

  • The earlier we treat this disease together the greater your chances are of a full recovery.

Begin a New Future

  • Let’s begin a new future, a new chapter in your life, you can begin to heal and recover today.
I have been in a few treatment centers and can say The Edge is nothing like the other ones. Having a treatment center run by ex-addicts for addicts is so different. They totally understood what I was going through. They took care of me! The moment I got there and they breezed me through admissions. The staff was cool, they have massages, acupuncture, even yoga. A special thanks to Sal, who stood for me and has my back.
Shawn C., Unemployed
Going through Hell and back really takes something. I will be forever in debt to the Edge Recovery for what they did for me and my family. Without their assistance, I would be dead right now and my children without a father. From the moment, I spoke with them on the phone I knew they had my back and would figure out how to handle the mess I was in. These guys are legit and will take care of you in your time of need.
John M., Sales Manager

As a mother of an addict I wanted to write and thank the Edge Recovery for what they did for my daughter and our family. We had heard about them from a trusted support group and once we made the call, they never stopped supporting us until my daughter was safely detoxed and in their treatment center. They flew her out, got her rides, got her clean, worked on her confidence and she has come out of this a totally different woman. If you are a parent like me and are wondering who to choose, just call them and you will see the difference once you speak with them. They really care and as they kept telling me, they have my back.

Mary R., Marketing officer

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